Welcome to American Detection Specialists, now an Atronic Alarms company, Providing Home and Business Security Services to Springfield and Branson, Missouri.

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American Detection Specialists, Inc. (ADSI) was founded in 1989 to provide home and business owners with locally owned and operated home and commercial security protection services using wireless alarm systems.

In 2018, ADSI merged with Atronic Alarms, Inc. based in Kansas City.

Security is something we take very personally.  We approach every situation with an eye to life safety.  It’s not so much the sales, but the morality of what we do that is important to us.

What if a safety system we installed saved your family from fire or break-in?  Or possibly even a violent crime?  People continually thank us for the peace of mind our services give them.  It makes us feel good to know we have helped protect someone’s precious life and property.

Facts and Statistics

One in seven Americans will experience a property crime in their home.  32% of rapes in the home begin as a simple break-in.  Any residence has a 4 times higher likelihood of a fire event than an intrusion event.  The insurance industry tells us that a home with a security system has a 600% lower chance of having a break-in.  The insurance industry also tells us that if a home does have an intrusion event, the average value of what is stolen is $2,500, but the total amount of damage done is $10,000.  Fortunately, most insurance companies offer a discount of 5% to 15% on the homeowners policy for a system consisting of intrusion and fire detection, monitored at a UL listed Central Station, and sometimes a little more discount if the system has communication to the Central Station that includes a Cellular Communicator.  When there are monitored smoke sensors in a home, we hold a statistical probability that the fire department will be on site seven minutes before the fire flashes to open flame.  There are many different ways to obtain a home security system, but our usual agreement is that the system is an investment of 50 cents to 95 cents per square foot of house, and monitoring in the neighborhood of a dollar a day.  To get more specific with any degree of accuracy requires an on site visit to do a proper evaluation and interview.

Awards and Recognition

We are a Charter Member of the Security Pro program, beginning with ITI, and continuing through GE Security.  We were named to the Security Pro Hall of Fame, and have had our jobs featured as Most Innovative among the GE Security dealers, as well as being published in the national trade publication SDM (Security Dealer Magazine).  Among our associates, we have numerous examples of Presidents of clubs (such as Kiwanis), and boards of organizations (such as several Chambers of Commerce), and we have one Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary.  We also work extensively with groups such as DCO, ARC of the Ozarks, the Family Violence Center, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Lost and Found Grief Center, and Ronald McDonald House.