Commercial Security

American Detection Specialists is a provider of electronic security products and services for the quality-oriented commercial client. We specialize in wireless systems that range in scope to accommodate the size of your business and level of security needed. Our systems can monitor for freezing or temperature variation, flooding or excessive humidity, medical emergency, or theft of individual items (such as computers) in otherwise unsecured areas.

We install and service security camera systems in the conventional manner, as well as, covert, and as portable, temporary systems when the application requires flexibility.

Our access control systems cover one independent door or many doors using PIN codes, slide cards, or proximity readers.

Our commercial security clientele are professional, quality-minded business owners with valuable inventory, equipment, or valuable and sensitive information to protect. If employee safety and/or employee theft are concerns, and you need to increase protection in liability issues, such as reducing the risk of worker’s comp fraud, AMERICAN DETECTION SPECIALISTS, INC. will design and install a quality security and life system to match your specific needs.

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