Home Security

American Detection Specialists is a proud member of the Security Pro network of security dealers.  Our staff constantly undergoes factory training to assure you of the best in system design and installation.  We specialize in the GE Security Interlogix Wireless Security Systems.

Before we do anything, we will sit down with you and discuss what your security/life safety system needs are.  Afterwards, we will design and install a quality home security system to meet your specific needs.  Whether your residence is big or small, we have the right system for you.

Our base control panel for most life safety systems is the Security Pro 6000, due to its flexibility, power, and ability to grow and expand.

It begins by being ideal for the 2 bedroom apartment, and is easily expanded to thoroughly cover a 10,000 square foot residence.  We are certainly not limited to this, but it is the right tool for the job in most cases.

All of our GE Interlogix systems use the same sensors.  This allows us to apply just the right panel to the job at hand.

It also allows for our clients to have an excellent migration path through the product line should their security needs change.

You just cannot outgrow the GE Interlogix line of Security Systems.

Our systems are monitored 24 hours a day by a team of certified professionals in a UL listed monitoring station.  This UL listing means that redundancy is built in to every part of the monitoring station.  When there is an alarm at your home or business, a signal is sent to the Central Station where operators will respond to the emergency numbers that you have provided, depending on the type of alarm you have.

Other home safety topics that we advise on include weapons (lethal and non-lethal), fire extinguishers, first aid kits, escape plans, self-defense, and disaster preparedness.  We have been fortunate enough to develop many relationships with experts in practically all specialties, so we are ready and willing to refer people to the correct expert if the subject is not in our field of expertise.

For a smaller application, our SIMON XT is a robust panel full of dynamite features.

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