Security Devices

If you need covert surveillance, we have cameras that you’d never suspect. Everyday items that can be placed in your home or office (such as a camera disguised as a clock, thermostat, or smoke detector) offer perfect viewing of that new babysitter or cleaning crew.


While your business is open or closed, our Access Control Systems manage the flow of people into your facility. You get more choices than you could ever get with keys, allowing you full control of your operation.

The APM (Access Point Manager) is the primary item in any professional access control system.

Your system may contain one or more APM’s depending on how many doors you want to control.

With GE Interlogix Access products, your options are limitless. From one door in your business, to hundreds of doors in your local facility, access can be managed from across town or across the country.

The READER is the next most important component of your access control system.

This device enables your employee to swipe their access control cards. The APM analyzes the card data and determines whether or not to allow the employee to enter, depending on the time and day that particular employee is allowed on site.

From small encoded cards to wireless devices carried on your key ring, there is a variety of readers for your access control system.

At American Detection Specialists we will sit down with you, and help you determine the most convenient and secure reader for your system needs.

In situations with a high employee turnover or personnel changes, you may wish to administer your system utilizing a Windows or NT based software solution. The software solution that’s right for you will be determined by how large your system is and how often you may need to add, delete and change users.

We’ll help you make the proper decision in selecting the right access configuration for your particular needs.

If your business is experiencing shrinkage problems, this may be just the solution for you. American Detection Specialists installs and services the GE Interlogix Access Control Systems. No matter what your requirements are, we have the system to meet your needs.


AMERICAN DETECTION SPECIALISTS, INC. offers the best in CCTV. Whatever your need, we have the option that is right for you.

  • High Resolution Cameras
  • Color or B&W
  • All-weather capability
  • Universal Mounting Hardware
  • Sealed enclosures
  • Tamper-proof
  • Recorders – Time Lapse and Real Time
  • Multiplexers – to enhance the versatility of any CCTV system